Front line
Backing vocals.  Known to blow her own trumpet (check out the start of "Gunner's dream") and flugelhorn.
Backing vocals.
Keyboards, sound effects and backing vocals (big moment in “The happiest days of our lives”).  Used to be sound engineer too!  Can probably juggle clubs.  Moonlights with "Asylum Affair" (see Links page).
Lead vocals and 2nd guitar. So carried away after playing that he cooked the diesel engine of his Jag X-type (cf Clarkson at the Nürburgring) on the A3: now drives a Volvo!
Bass guitar. Once firmly in the Waters camp, now concedes there may be life after "The Final Cut" - but does he mean it?  Moonlights with "Redados" (see Links page).
Paul B
Drums.  Despite heavy metal get-up, seemed a quiet sort when he auditioned.  Appearances don't lie, after all!
Paul D
Soprano, alto, tenor and baritone sax, if he doesn’t forget them!  Otherwise, fills in on percussion, so he looks busy.
Lead guitar, table steel guitar and backing vocals. Founded the band. Takes up a lot of space and is very loud, just like David Gilmour!
Back line
Sound engineer. Got a hat to get ahead.  More into twiddling knobs than lifting heavy gear.
Sound engineer. Cut his teeth at the heavy end, so think stadium rock rather than musical “wallpaper”.

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